What makes the Best Cigar Humidors?

What will you do if you have been given a box of cigars and do not know where to store it? Can it be refrigerated? No, not really. It also must not be kept in the drawers. Many people also think that if the cigars are kept in the same box where it is packaged and sealed, it is safe. That is wrong because you have only to store the cigar in a humidor. The cigar has to be stored in the right humidity, and the humidor is designed in a way where it is the ideal condition for the cigars. Here is the information about the best cigar humidors.

  • Choose the right size

The best cigar humidors must be at the right size. The humidors are available in the capacities to store 25, 50, 75, and 100 cigars. If you have only fewer cigars to store, then you do not need a big one. You also have to make sure of the size of the humidor because it has to suit the size of the cigar. So it is better to choose a size a little bigger than the cigar for storing it well.

  • The right materials

Most of the humidors are created with the hardwood or the combined wood containing the cedar veneer inside. The hardwood is the best cigar humidor. But it can be very pricey. The wood humidors made with mixed compounds are less in price. The humidors of solid wood are expensive because it is able to react positively to moisture. It makes the cigars age in the right way. However, there are plenty of the best cigar humidors at affordable rates too.

  • Examine the seal

The essential feature of the best cigar humidor is the seal. The seal is the place where the lid meets the box. Mostly the short wooden lip will be available in the interior of the box. This will be inside the lid, or it will run in the interior of the walls. If the lid closes, you have to hear a sound of the air escaping instead of the sound of closing, such as ‘clunk.’ This means that the box is not created well. So you have to check the seal of the humidor. The box will slightly enlarge after you have set up the humidor.

These are the details that will be found in the best cigar humidors. Buy the ones that have these features.