Ultimate buying guide to choose an excellent fan

A ceiling fan is a must-have appliance in any household. In summer seasons, a good fan can make you feel relaxed and fresh. A ceiling fan is an appliance that keeps on advancing. Today, there are traditional, modern, fancy and high-end fans available in the market. Choosing a new fan can be quite confusing. However, in this article, you can find tips to choose a good fan for your house.

Think about energy savings

Ceiling Fan can increase comfort and saves your electricity bill. In summer seasons, many households pay high electricity bills. So, there is no better time to own a ceiling fan. More than air-conditioners, a ceiling fan can circulate good air in the room.

Larger fans for huge rooms

It is important to choose the right size fan to fit your room size. For huge rooms, more than one fan can keep the room cool. For high comfort and cooling the fan should be fixed in the centre of the room. The Fan blade tip should be 18 inches away from the wall for good airflow. If the fan is fixed very high, then the air circulation or cooling will be very less.

The motor and performance

The Fan motor helps in smooth performance. High-quality motors are suitable for heavy-duty, and they do not make unnecessary noises. The low-quality motor can create inconveniences such as squeaky noise and low cooling effects. If the motor is excellent, the fan will work flawlessly and lasts longer.

Fan blade and size

Good sturdy metal fan blades can help in good airflow. The blade pitch should be at a 15-degree angle to produce even airflow. The fan should also be lightweight to hang on to the ceiling—great angle and higher blade pitch result in good fan performance.

Type of fan

Households may need different types of fans such as ceiling, exhaust or electric fans. The type of fan depends upon the user’s preference. But, you may purchase different types of models, but the basic features are the same. For example, if you purchase a ceiling fan, it is important to decide whether it is for the main room, bedroom or bathroom. By deciding this, you can purchase an appropriate fan.

Choose one that matches your home decor.

There is a beautiful range of ceiling fans available in the market. The fans also come with fancy lights to match your home decor. If you are a home decor enthusiast, then try buying a modern style fan. These modern fans come with unique fan blades that can look amazing on your ceiling.

Consider the warranty policy.

Some manufacturers provide a lifetime warranty. These flexible warranty policies can benefit you in the long run. Even when replacing any parts, the warranty policy ensures that the original parts are provided for replacement. The good warranty policy is like a great return on investment.

Easy installation

Modern-day fans are very easy to install. A person with some installation knowledge can fix the fan correctly. Today, almost every fan comes with a step by step installation instruction.


A fan is an essential appliance for households. So, it is important to buy this necessary appliance from a reputable manufacturer. Therefore, by considering the above factors buy an excellent fan from a great dealer.