Types of water purifiers for you home

Some people think that the water that comes from the tap is safe for drinking. But the truth is that more than 94% of drinking water is contaminated with plastics.

This is the reason why you should have water purifiers in your home so that you and your family can have safe water. But before investing in a good water purifier, you should know the types available in the market which can help you make a good investment.

Reverse osmosis water purifier

If you reside in an area where the drinking water is exposed to heavy metals, then this is a good option. This type of water purifier is designed to remove excessive fluoride, mercury, arsenic, and many more.

They can also be used in areas where salt content in the water is high.

It functions by the use of extremely high pressure, thereby requiring a large amount of electricity to function.

The only downside is that they do not filter out bacteria and can waste a lot of water.

Gravity water purifier

This type may sound high-tech, but they are simple devices. The gravity water purifiers contain 2 separate compartments for filtering the water. The amount of pressure is different in each compartment, and that helps to remove the contaminants.

These are popular because of their affordability. Also, they do not require electricity to function and super low-maintenance. Generally, they can contain water from 7 to 20 litres.

The downside is that these water purifiers cannot remove heavy metals from the water.

Universal water purifier

If the taste of the water is your priority and you are willing to spend a little more, then this is a good option to go for. Here, you will be able to use different types of filtration methods at the same time for removing the contaminants. One of the popular combos is RO and UV filtration. Using this, you can filter both heavy metals and pathogens from the water.

Another combo is UV, RO, and UF filtration that can remove the bacteria, heavy metals, and still give you a good taste.

High level of maintenance is needed because many technologies are involved. However, the resultant water is packed with minerals that give you the best sip ever.

UF water purifier

It is a little similar to reverse osmosis filters. With UF filters, you can remove germs and bacteria which RO filters cannot do. They can work without electricity and requires only little maintenance.

The only downside is that you cannot remove the heavy metals out the water as you can with an RO filter.

UV water purifier

Here, UV technology is used to kill dangerous bacteria and viruses in the water. So, your water will not taste strange because no chemicals are added to the process. Also, they don’t waste a lot of water, helping you to stay green.

The only disadvantage is that they cannot remove the heavy metals in the water.

The bottom line

Water is important for our well-being. So rather than taking risks, find the right water purifier for you home. If you are not sure about what type will be best for you, call an expert who can help you choose according to your area’s water quality.