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Uncharted 5: Possibilities of the Game and the Changes That Might Come in

Since the setting in of the year 2017, we have had a number of announcements from the world of technology. Most of those have been related to the new smartphones. And many of the updates have come concerning the new phablets, tabs and other electronic gadgets like laptops and other wearables. Along with this news and updates, there has been news from the field of video games as well, which is certainly one of the biggest sections as far as technology is concerned. Video games, in fact, have been the most popular as it interest people from various age groups. And to be very honest, there has not been any lack of update regarding the new games which are expected to come out in the course of the year 2017 or even later.

Talking about video games, one of the most popular genres of video games have been the action-adventure games which also involve the open world atmosphere. The kind of improvement that the field of technology has undergone has its clear impact on these types of games as the gamers get a much more realistic approach to the game from this genre. And speaking of action- adventure games, one of the most popular games have been Uncharted. There is a considerable rise in the popularity of the games in the Uncharted franchise for it has been reported that Uncharted brings in the most intriguing plots in almost all the versions of the game.

Naughty dog set to bid goodbye to Uncharted 5

It has been not long that we came across the fourth edition of the game in the Uncharted series. And already there is a rise in demand of the fans of releasing a new version of the game which is going to be the fifth edition of the game. The fans are already excited about the game Uncharted 5. But the developers of the game Uncharted 5 might just not be ready to release a new game in the series. In fact, two of the most important participants in the team which developed the games in the Uncharted series did not provide any information that will make the fans really excited about the game. But then one cannot simply give up the idea that there is going to be an Uncharted 5. So the fans are still expectant of the fact that there is going to be Uncharted 5 which might take some time to come out, but will eventually hit the market sometime later.

Despite the impossibilities of the game Uncharted 5, there have been quite a few rumors regarding the probable features and gameplay of the game. If the game eventually comes, it is believed that Nathan Drake is not going to be the protagonist of the game. And instead of Nathan, it is going to be his daughter Casie Drake who will be playing the role of the protagonist in the game Uncharted 5.

At this point of time, everything seems to be in under a haze. And for the haze to clear we need to give it a bit of time. Since then, we need to wait for some sort of an official announcement from the developers of the game Uncharted 6.