Is a glutamine supplement necessary?

The necessity of consuming glutamine supplement is not the same for all people. This is the first thing you should is to understand why we made such a remark. It could be understood if you read the facts we are mentioning below. Remember, glutamine is classified as a conditionally essential amino acid, which simply means that glutamine is naturally produced in the body.

If glutamine is produced in the body, then why consume glutamine supplements? What is the real need? Here is everything you need to know.

Role of glutamine in the body –

Glutamine powder or amino acid is an essential nutrient that our body needs, it boosts and supports the immune system, maintains gastrointestinal integrity, develops muscles, improves protein synthesis.

When to consume glutamine supplements?

Glutamine is naturally produced in the body and the necessary amount of glutamine is already available to the body through the food you eat daily. However, there are situations where the glutamine available or produced is not adequate for the proper functioning of the body. This is when glutamine supplements should be consumed.

When does your body need a glutamine supplement?

The requirement of glutamine for different people could differ based on body condition and genetics. However, the best way to find it is to consult a doctor. The dosage, the type of glutamine supplement you should consume, everything would be prescribed by the doctor.

Here are some of the common issues when glutamine supplement consumption is recommended by experts.

  1. Wound healing – This is one of the lesser-known benefits offered by glutamine supplements. Cortisol which is a hormone released by the body then it is stressed due to wounds, burns, or infection. The same hormone is known to reduce the presence of glutamine in the body. However, the consumption of glutamine supplements could boost your immune system to help reduce the effect of the wound, burn, or infection. At the same time, a supplement could help maintain the balance of glutamine in the body. Some doctors recommend consuming glutamine supplements in a specific dosage to people who have undergone surgeries.
  2. Bodybuilding – Glutamine supplement is a necessary part of bodybuilding and it is one of the most commonly known facts. Glutamine along with other amino acids is the building block of new muscles. While intense workout there is a short-term breakdown of the muscles, this is when glutamine along with other amino acids builds new muscles.
  3. Increase glutamine levels in cancer patients – Yes, most people might not be aware of this. Cancer patients tend to have low blood glutamine levels, even after treatment, and even bone marrow transplant, glutamine level tend to be very low. For such people, a glutamine supplement is a necessity.

Apart from these key necessities, glutamine supplements are known to control or reduce inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), help HIV/AIDS patients to gain weight.

Final advice –

Now, you have seen the necessary circumstances when the body requires glutamine supplements. However, if you are a perfectly healthy person, we will not recommend consuming glutamine. If you are adamant about consuming it, consult a doctor, and then decide. Remember, glutamine required by the body comes from the food that you eat daily, and also the body produces it. If your body produces an adequate amount of glutamine, you should not consume glutamine supplement, unless you are going to engage in workouts or if the doctor prescribes it.