iPad Mini 5 wishlist : what we want to see

The new demon from the world of the Apple is the iPad Mini 5. This new device is all about swag and style. The new Apple iPad Mini 5 is a one-of-a-kind device which promises to be the one talet which will make all the other competitors totally obsolete. Truly, there has not been a better device which makes the user so much work easier to do while still retaining the basic concepts of the handheld gadget. There have been many such device and there will also e most of the rivals which will soon result in the advent of the device. 

There has been some concern over the last few months over what the new Apple Ipad Mini 5′ specs and features will be. These are not just talking. This is one of the most efficient devices to have ever seen the light of day. Truly, the device and OEM manufacturers never had it so good. Such devices are also interesting when it comes to the rumoured features as well. There has been enough talk of the new tablet hitting the market by the end of this year. Trust us when we say that this new device will be released in June.

Display Features: Apple’s fabled and much-touted Retina Display. Apple has been rumoured to introduce OLED display for the next generation of devices, and the iPad Mini 5 could be one of the first platforms to bring that in. In terms of the size, the Apple iPad Mini 5 will stick to the 7.9-inch screen that has come to distinguish the line. But the overall device may be made smaller with the aid of a bezel-free design. We have also received news of an inbuilt fingerprint scanner embedded in the display of the iPad Mini 5. 

Camera Features: We expect the iPad Mini 5 to sport superb front and rear cameras. We have been receiving news that a possible 12 MP rear camera and a 5 MP front snapper are on the cards. This configuration does seem good enough to be applicable to the iPad Mini 5. Better video-calling and FaceTime experience will be garnered via this camera configuration as well.

Battery Specification: This is a very critical area of the upcoming iPad Mini 5. A 5,124 mAh capacity camera was seen on the iPad Mini 4 and it was pretty successful. When it comes to predicting the iPad Mini 5’s battery, we might see a battery of about 4,800 mAh capacity. This need not be bad news technically as technical progress has ensured that batteries with lower capacities also work as well as its bigger cousins.

Other features: The iPad Mini 5 could also come with some added features like a water and dust repellant body and an external and auxiliary keyboard. Other features include Apple pen support, the latest version of Bluetooth i.e. Bluetooth 5.0 and finally, Fast Charging. We have reason to believe that the Apple iPad Mini 5 will not come with a 3.5mm headphone jack as that would defeat the very purpose of the waterproof nature the tablet boasts of.