How you can choose the best golf rangefinder

Golf is a very popular game across the whole globe, and millions of people play the sport. If you’re fond of playing golf and you play the sport on a regular basis, a rangefinder is known to you. A golf rangefinder is a pretty common machine for all the golf players. This is a special kind of machine to measure the distance between the player and the target. The distance between the player and the target is known as the range, and a rangefinder helps to measure the range. A player can’t guess the range without a rangefinder.

Although choosing a rangefinder is never an easy option. You can’t afford to spend money on a machine that doesn’t fulfil your requirements. When you are going to choose a particular machine to buy, there are a number of factors. In this article, you are going to understand the factors in detail.

How to choose the best golf rangefinder


Accurate measurement is important when you’re playing the game. Usually, a golf rangefinder can provide accuracy within a distance of two yards. Check if your machine is accurate within this distance. Otherwise don’t buy that one because it is defective.


Many players want the rangefinder with a slope. The elevation matters when you’re playing a shot and a rangefinder with slope can measure that. A golf rangefinder can measure how much elevation your shot needs. That’s a great feature, and that can help you in bigger stages of the game. Like, if you’re participating in a competition or match, then the rangefinder with slope can give you some advantages.

How to use

There are numerous models of golf rangefinders. The expert players with long experience can use all kinds of machines. But if you’re not too old in the game, consider a user-friendly machine. Go for a machine that is not too difficult to use, and you can handle that effortlessly.


The range of magnification is also an important factor to consider. The advanced machines can provide up to zoom 7x that helps the player to see the target better. The more clear you see the target, the more possibilities are there of hitting the target.


The size of the machine is important because you need to use the machine before hitting it. Too large and heavy machines are hard to move, and you can’t move those to another place. On the other hand, you can’t hold a too small machine steadily. So, it would help if you considered a machine that is not too heavy and is medium in size.

Scan mode

You can find these features in the decent machines. With the scan mode feature, the machine automatically scans the targets and detects which one is easy to hit. It is better if your machine has a scan mode. That will be beneficial for you.

These are the factors that you have to keep in mind before you’re purchasing a best golf rangefinder. These features can turn you into a winner in big competitions or games.