How To Use handheld garment steamer properly

A handheld garment steamer is the best option for any person who wants to keep their clothes wrinkle-free. You do not have to handle the heavy iron or being afraid of the hot iron.  By simply getting a handheld steamer you can easily use them but you need to follow the proper steps. When you use the steamers properly then it will help in providing you the perfect results.

What are the things you need to keep in mind while using a steamer?

So here are some of the things that you need to keep in mind when you are planning to use a handheld steamer.

  • Check the fabrics it can be used on –

It is very important to check the fabric of the clothes before you use the steamers. While steamers can be used with various types of fabrics but there are some which should be avoided and you need to be aware of it.

  • Need to be careful around delicate fabrics –

Use the handheld steamer properly and do not use them at a single place for too long. If the fabrics are delicate then you need to handle it carefully and keep some distance between the fabric and steamer.

Proper steps to use a steamer on your clothes

These are some of the steps that you need to follow in order to use a handheld steamer properly.

  • Plug the steamer for use –The first thing you need to do is fill the water in the handheld steamer. After that, you need to turn it on for a fewminutes so that steamer can get heated.You can start the steamer to check how much steam it produces to ensure if it’s ready to use or not.
  • Hang the clothes for steaming –You need to hang the clothes for steaming in order to ensure that everything is perfect.This is very important for the steaming to ensure perfect
  • Use the steamer in a single direction –Now you need to use the handheld garment steameron your clothes. It is very important to use a downward stroke and don’t touch the steamer with fabric. Steam will take care of the wrinkles and you need to do it on the clothes completely.
  • Leave your clothes to dry –After the steamingiscompleted you need to let your clothes to dry. There might be some water spots and it is common, you just let the clothes to dry for sometime.

You need to make sure that you use the steamer properly so that there are no issues. It will really help you to get the best results and you will get wrinkle-free clothes. So you do not have to visit professional drycleaners before a party as you can do it yourself.