How do you use shredding claws on meat?

Meat shredding claws are of excellent use to your kitchen. If you are someone who consumes non-vegan food and do not have a meat shredder in your kitchen, you might reconsider your kitchen tools. Meat shredders are a sharper version of your hands. You might be aware of the term ‘claws’; this shape assigns the meat shredding claws unique features. You can use it for various purposes. People can not only use it for preparing meat, pork, or beef in dinner; but, if you want a salad a perfect dressing, what else could be better than a meat shredder? If you are new to kitchen tools and BBQ, we are enlisting a few methods of using shredding claws on meat:

  1. You should know about the varieties available in the market:
  • Meat shredding claws are an amazing replacement for people who are done and dusted with using food processors for this purpose. The food processors are ideally designed for veggies. However, shredding meat with claws always remains the best idea. You should pick the meat shredding claws cautiously according to mode of use.
  • Another necessary thing is your comfort. The process takes some time initially; you do not want the tool to hinder in between your work. Therefore, pick it with great concern. Mostly, two kinds of meat shredding claws are available in the markets; nylon plastic and stainless steel claws. You will also notice a change in the build of handles in both the products.
  1. The perfect position of holding claws:

Getting your hands on the meat shredders is the best way to make restaurant-style BBQ at home. If you want your meat shredding session to be easy and fast, make sure to hold the claws in perfect position. Some things require a vibrant imagination for the work to be done. Similarly, you can imagine the meat shredder as your finger’s extension. The curve of the claws should be in direction of growth of your fingernails. It should be curved in a downward direction, facing your palms.

  1. How to cut large chunks?

First, you need to position the claws in the meat. The ideal way is to dig them in a parallel direction and pull off to tear the large chunks.

  1. How to cut small chunks?

Similarly, small chunks also require adequate positioning. Make sure to hold the meat in position using the claw of one hand. Use the other hand claw to tear off the meat into small chunks.

  1. Shredding meat like a bear is easier than ever:

The shredding claw usually comes with a plastic or wooden handle. It makes the claws effortless to operate because the heat is not transferred to your palms. You need to have a vibrant imaginary strength; imagine the meat shredder as an extension of your hands to shred the meat in little pieces.


Meat shredding claws are one of the top-selling culinary tool in the American countries. However, people who are using it for the first time are quite nervous. We hope we have cleared all your doubts. Go ahead and start feasting guys! Thanks for reading!