Dress Guide: Gatsby dress for Women and Men

If you wish to go back to retro times in a Gatsby theme, then dressing in the 1920s inspired Gatsby’s dress and accessories such as shoes, headpiece, and jewelry would do a perfect job. A Gatsby style dress is all about beads, floating chiffon and sparkles. This is a very short flapper dress that has fringes. It is a good show off in a twenty’s event with a retro theme. They range from style dresses to cheaper costumes ideal for formal affairs to themed events.

Other styles are:

  • Tiered skirt gowns
  • Drop waist midi dress
  • Velvet party dresses
  • Hanky hem dresses

Dress Guide: Gatsby dress- Men and Women

The 1920s has been an innovative social period with plenty of partying and women exploring freely. Several girls at this time were seen donning shorter hair, heading to parties without anyone accompanying them, donning on practical clothes such as trousers, drinking, smoking, hearing jazz music, which was until then agreeable only with men. These trends influenced fashion, as well. It was also the time when Hollywood began to make and market movies to public mass. Girls began to steal the show, and performers made plenty of money. Silver screen saw Broadway stars and showgirls with glamorous and fashionable costumes. The rest of the public began to imitate them as they found them fascinating, thereby making these styles popular.

Outfits for Men and Women

For Women

  • Flappers – Go to style dress of the 1920s. For girls, flapper became an honorable badge, who were looking to have fun. This outfit is loose and short. It is either sleeveless or short-sleeved. The dress length is to knee length, considered shorter in those times. It was either laced or adorned with cutaways, tassels, sequins, or patterns.
  • The evening dress- A evening wear of classic style of the 20s is a long-sleeved, loose and long dress. There are also ball gowns, silks, velvet that were enhanced with sequins, waistlines, pleats, and appliqué. Tone down colors were in fashion.

For Men

  • The lounge suit – Suits were for every event for Men in those times. But the 1920s was a time when proper men’s wear was introduced that we see today. Suits, particularly the slimmer suits that were close fit, were famous during the post-war times and the initial half of the 20s. A lounge suit of the right color with matching waistcoat and a hat, bow tie, and shoes are great for a Gatsby or a retro-themed event.
  • Geezers-Gangsters or lounge suit or Gatsby with all riff-raff types is one type of style for men, and a Classic Tuxedo is the James Bond-style is another type of Great Gatsby. One can add accessories to their style.

Women’s style of clothing is all about being very casual in the 1920s as per historical standards. Guy blends are another style of Gatsby dress as women’s wear. Women in men’s clothing is also a fashion of those times. Donning sportswear, shirt and tie, formal wear and trouser suits were a stir in those times. Men’s wear is either formal or casual with hats and other accessories enhancing the Gatsby style.