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Types of water purifiers for you home

Some people think that the water that comes from the tap is safe for drinking. But the truth is that more than 94% of drinking water is contaminated with plastics.

This is the reason why you should have water purifiers in your home so that you and your family can have safe water. But before investing in a good water purifier, you should know the types available in the market which can help you make a good investment.

Reverse osmosis water purifier

If you reside in an area where the drinking water is exposed to heavy metals, then this is a good option. This type of water purifier is designed to remove excessive fluoride, mercury, arsenic, and many more.

They can also be used in areas where salt content in the water is high.

It functions by the use of extremely high pressure, thereby requiring a large amount of electricity to function.

The only downside is that they do not filter out bacteria and can waste a lot of water.

Gravity water purifier

This type may sound high-tech, but they are simple devices. The gravity water purifiers contain 2 separate compartments for filtering the water. The amount of pressure is different in each compartment, and that helps to remove the contaminants.

These are popular because of their affordability. Also, they do not require electricity to function and super low-maintenance. Generally, they can contain water from 7 to 20 litres.

The downside is that these water purifiers cannot remove heavy metals from the water.

Universal water purifier

If the taste of the water is your priority and you are willing to spend a little more, then this is a good option to go for. Here, you will be able to use different types of filtration methods at the same time for removing the contaminants. One of the popular combos is RO and UV filtration. Using this, you can filter both heavy metals and pathogens from the water.

Another combo is UV, RO, and UF filtration that can remove the bacteria, heavy metals, and still give you a good taste.

High level of maintenance is needed because many technologies are involved. However, the resultant water is packed with minerals that give you the best sip ever.

UF water purifier

It is a little similar to reverse osmosis filters. With UF filters, you can remove germs and bacteria which RO filters cannot do. They can work without electricity and requires only little maintenance.

The only downside is that you cannot remove the heavy metals out the water as you can with an RO filter.

UV water purifier

Here, UV technology is used to kill dangerous bacteria and viruses in the water. So, your water will not taste strange because no chemicals are added to the process. Also, they don’t waste a lot of water, helping you to stay green.

The only disadvantage is that they cannot remove the heavy metals in the water.

The bottom line

Water is important for our well-being. So rather than taking risks, find the right water purifier for you home. If you are not sure about what type will be best for you, call an expert who can help you choose according to your area’s water quality.

Pros and cons of tankless water heaters

A tankless water heater, which is also known as an instant or on-demand water heater heats water only when it’s necessary. You can install this type of water heater anywhere ranging from a closet, exterior wall, to somewhere out of sight. This appliance can heat the water for your entire home or just of a single point of use.

Tankless water heaters are a good investment without breaking the bank because you can get an endless source of hot water without wasting energy. Though the price seems a little expensive, the appliance seems to pay for itself through the energy savings cost.

 Just as with any appliance, there are some pros and cons with tankless water heaters as well, which are discussed below. So before investing in a good tankless water heater, make sure to do some research.

Pros of tankless water heater

Long-term Energy and Cost Savings

The biggest advantage of this appliance is that they can save you money because of their energy efficiency. Heating the water only when it is necessary prevents the standby heat loss, which is noticed in a tank-style water heater.

Unlimited Hot Water

An endless supply of hot water can be obtained with this appliance if the water usage is below the maximum flow rate. It is nothing but the ability to heat a certain amount of water at a given time. This is advantageous if a hot water supply is needed continuously.

Less Space

This appliance enables effective usage of limited space, especially if you have less space in your home. Generally, they are mounted on the wall, requiring less space when compared to the conventional tank-style water heaters.

An average unit measures around 27×18×10 inches.

Low Risk of Leaks

The biggest risks with the conventional tank-style heater are that the possibility of mineral build-up inside the tank is high, leading to corrosion and leaks. Because tankless water heaters have no tank itself, this risk can be eliminated. But it doesn’t mean that they are completely immune to problems. Without proper maintenance, there are chances of leakage, but it’s quite low.

Long Life Expectancy

These tankless water heaters can last over 20 years, whereas the tank-style water heaters can last only 8-12 years. Given its life expectancy, it is a wonderful investment with no regular replacements.

Cons of tankless water heater

Upfront Cost of the Unit and Installation is high

One of the biggest downsides of tankless water heaters is the high upfront cost for both units and installation. Often, specific wiring needs to be done specifically for the appliance to manage the increased load, and new vent pipes are fixed.

No Access to Hot Water During a Power Outage

If a storm comes and cuts off the power supply, it has also stopped hot water supply. So, the bottom line is that if power fails, then there’s no hot water. On the other hand, the tank-style water heaters can store hot water in their tank for several days.

Final thoughts

Tankless water heaters are loaded with advantages over the conventional tank-style water heaters mainly because they save money in the long run, unlimited hot water, compact, and they never leak. The best part is that they can last twice as long as the tank-style water heaters.

Of course, its upfront cost is high and no hot water if power fails. So the best way to decide whether this appliance is right for you is to audit your circumstances to fit the needs.

Factors to consider while buying a Toaster oven

The toaster ovens are small-scale conventional ovens that are ideal for toasting bread as well as cook food, which include cooking toast with toppings, toasted cheese sandwiches, garlic bread, etc.which is not quite possible with a toaster. The multiple shelf racks, as well as heating control options, are additional features that make using Toaster ovens enticing when compared to a pop-up toaster.

Toaster oven buying guide

When you are about to buy a toaster oven to speed up your cooking work, especially when you are used to hosting parties and special lunches quite often, you have got to choose the toaster oven with the care. The factors that you should be considering include:


You might be aware that the toaster ovens are almost similar to the oven or a microwave oven that you might be having. This goes on to show that it would require considerable space to store it. However, choosing the oven that would be suitable for the purposes, you are likely to use it is important. If you choose a smaller one considering the size of the oven and countertop space that might be required, the toaster might not be quite useful for the purpose for which you bought it, that is, to complement your cooking process.


 Choosing the oven after considering the obvious ways in which you would be using or would want to use the oven for. This would serve as a fair guide to buy the right type of taster oven in terms of size and power to make it possible.


There are different types of toaster ovens in the market. It includes countertop and toaster ovens, countertop convection oven, Rottisseri oven, Infrared countertop oven. Each of these ovens has its own set of advantages and limitations. Generally, the countertop convection ovens would be expensive when compared to the other simple toasters. Depending on whether you just want the toasters for making toast and heating food or use it with versatility for cooking, You have got to choose the oven that is priced low or a high-end as per your requirement.

Preset settings

The number of presets that are possible such as toast, brown, broil, bake, reheat, pizza, cookies, bagels, etc. Buying a toaster oven with a number of preset settings would ensure that it makes the cooking process easier and the toaster to be used for different purposes with minimum effort.

Auto shutoff feature

This is a fantastic feature to have in the toaster oven as it ensures that you do not have to deal with burnt food. Once you choose from the preset settings and set the time, the oven will switch off automatically after a preset time. This means you can expect perfectly cooked food even if you do not babysit in the toaster oven.

Ease of use

This includes considering features such as versatility and ease of cleaning. All types of toaster ovens are generally easy to clean. However, it is important to ensure that there are not too many parts that are difficult to reach.

Choose toaster ovens with these factors in mind to ensure you enjoy cooking using the best toaster oven that you have bought.

Which Zojirushi breadmaker is best?

If you are a person who loves to take the bread of course in the form of a sandwich, toasts, etc for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It would be worth it to get to know about the features of the bread maker from a reputed company and then go ahead with the purchase. This would serve as a perfect guide to choose the best bread maker that suits your requirements and fulfills the function of getting the bread done perfectly and hygienically without you having to use your hand during the process of baking bread.

 The top brand

 Zojirushi bread maker is one of the finest bread makers in the market. They have been considered as special bread makers and are even compared with Ferrari cars for their aesthetics, functionality, versatility, and design. However, there are a number of models of bread makers from Zojirushi itself that compete with each other as well as the products of the competitors.  The top 5 Zojirushi bread makers include

 The Zojirushi BB-PAC20 Home bakery virtuoso

This is a bread maker from Zojirushi that comes with menu settings that are actually multiple in number. It offers features of light, medium and dark browning as per your preference or that of your family. it is done perfectly owing to the extra heater that it features on the lid as well. the bread maker has double kneading blades which ensures that the dough is not under-kneaded. The machine is simple and it is quite easy to use it making it a great machine for beginners.

  Zojirushi BBCCX20 Home Bakery

 This is a bread maker that is quite effective for making a cake as well. the special and endearing features of this bread maker is that it has a lot of advanced features apart from the automatic functioning, easy maintenance and affordable too. It has a three-level crust control option as well as three-memory recipe functions and a sourdough starter as well as 13-hour delay timer. However, it is a machine that scores high on functionality. Yet, it is quite compact and can be placed easily even if your kitchen is not that spacious.

The Zojirushi  BB-CEC20 Home Bakery Supreme

 This is a handy machine that could be used effectively by beginners as well as the experts in bread making. The 13-hour delay timer makes it quite special.  The LCD control pane with a large viewing window makes it possible for you to make note of the progress of the baking process easily. The bread pan is removable and it is of a non-stick nature.

The Zojirushi BB-HAC10 Home Bakery

 This unit looks slightly large but, it is quite light facilitating movement of the unit from one place to another. However, it has two kneading blades and most of the special features that are available in the other models of the bread maker which includes a large LCD display, 13-hour delay timer, pre-programmed settings, etc. it is indeed a bread maker that is easy to handle for both beginners as well as the experienced.

Zojirushi BB-PAC20

 This is easily the best in a class of bread makers produced by Zojirushi. The specialty of the machine lies in the fact that it can be used to produce rectangular loaves in a very short time.  It is endowed with sturdy stainless steel handles apart from all other features you can expect in a Zojirushi product. This easily is the best of all.

 Choose the bread maker you want from the Zojirushi range to avoid being disappointed later.