Can Stud finders locate studs in plaster walls?

The commonly raised question among stud buyers is that whether a stud finder can locate a wooden beam or stud behind a plaster wall. Before we answer this question, let’s see what a plaster wall is and where is it used?

What is a plaster wall?

Plaster walls are old construction technique used in building to create separation in a room. Plaster walls are used commonly in the interiors of the home. They are thicker than drywalls and made of sand and lime in ancient times. The thickness of plaster walls makes it hard to locate a stud. This is the reason why many constructions worker prefers using old methods like knocking on the wall and using a magnet.

Why use a stud finder to locate a stud in a plaster wall?

Identifying the location of a stud in a plaster wall is important for drilling in all holes for hanging stuff or adding shelves. A plaster wall may be thicker than drywall but it cannot support heavier items TV units. For stability and strength, you need to mount them by screwing in nails to a stud. Stud is basically a wooden beam going all the way to the ceiling; this gives the support to hold heavier objects in place. Using handy tools like studs finder made by a reputed company like zircon and Bosch is an easier way to locate studs.

How to use a stud finder in plaster walls?

First having good knowledge about how to use a stud finder is important for the proper working of it. The next thing you have to do before using it is reading the instruction manual that comes with the tool. Follow the guide to the word for better performance of a stud finder. Place the stud horizontally on the wall and along slowly to identify the stud. And finally, invest in a stud finder that can be used on plaster walls.

These days stud finder of better features and mechanism are available in the market. Some stud of Zircon Company has a dual setting to detect the studs behind the plaster wall. These stud finders can penetrate as deep as 2 inches inside the wall. The stud finders are of two categories namely electric and magnetic. These stud finders are a quick way to locate the wooden beams inside a plaster wall. In addition to this, it helps in locating electric wires and unshielded AC wiring, saving the contractors from ruining the wiring and easily mounting heavy things.

Few best stud finder for plaster walls.

  1. Black Decker BDL190S: is the best stud finder tool available in the market that combines two functions namely stud finding and leveling. This means you do not need an additional tool for hanging level pictures and photo frames.
  2. Zircon metallic scanner: this model of a stud finder functions ambitiously and detects the metal behind a plaster wall. The nails inserted in the stud are located by the finder making it easy to know where the stud is. This stud finder can be used both at homes and job sites that have metal in their wall.

Takeaway: in answer to the above question, stud finders do work on plaster walls. A good quality stud finder can not only show you the location of studs but also its boundary and density